Thank you for participating our CTF event! Now the event is over and we blocked submission.
Please come to our LINE booth to take the prizes or just to say hello ! :D
However, we will let the servers running for some more time just for your fun!

Urgent : We are informed that the space "D" where LINE booth is located will be shut down, locked at 5:00PM. T_T
We will change the end time to 4:40PM.
Top 10 winners, please come to LINE booth at space "D", 5th floor at 4:40PM to collect your black T-shirts!
Please bring your laptop and don't forget to show us the flags.
And of course, all participants, you are all welcome to visit LINE booth anytime to say hello, grab candies, stickers, LINE engineering handbooks!
Let us know if you are interested in working with us! :D



This is a mini CTF for CODEBLUE 2018. Japan has a ton of good stuff. Fresh draft beers, awesome food, pretty figures, clean street, incredible shiba dog (LINK) and so on. But do you know what's the most awesome part? It's CODEBLUE! CODEBLUE is a leading infosec conference in Asia! We're proud of running this CTF here. Sorry, but we don't have much budget, so, we only prepared t-shirts for top 10 players. This is run by Grayhash and this contest is aiming just for fun. This won't give you cutting edge CTF challenges, however, we hope you'll enjoy the game. Cheers!

CODEBLUE 2018 ミニCTFとなります。日本には素晴らしいことがたくさんあります。新鮮なドラフトビール、美味しい食べ物、可愛いフィギュア、綺麗な街、カッコいい柴犬(LINK)など。そこで一番カッコいいのはなんだと思いますか?CODEBLUEでございます!CODEBLUEはアジアを導く情報セキュリティカンファレンスです。CODEBLUEのミニCTFを運営することになりすごく光栄です。上位の10チームには予算の都合でティシャツしか用意出来ず申し訳ございません。運営はGRAYHASHであり、この大会は楽しむことが一番の大会です。最先端のCTFよりはみんなが楽しめるような問題で準備しました。頑張ってください!

/beist and grayhash crew (Challenges made by grigoritchy and sweetchip.)


Total 6 challenges ready

- 2 challenges will be opened at 1pm on 31th Oct until 5pm on 2nd Nov. (Timezone: GMT+9)
- The other 4 challenges will be opened at 1pm on 1st Nov until 5pm on 2nd Nov.
- This is only online competition which means you can participate this contest, anywhere.


- 2つの問題は10月31日午後1時公開の予定です。
- 残り4つの問題は11月1日午後1時に公開されます。
- オンラインのみで行われますのでどこからでも大会に参加することができます。


- Do not bruteforce.
- Do not share solutions during the contest.
- Do not share the flags.
- Send us email if any trouble or question: (Both Ok English and Japanese)

- The contest will be end at 5pm on 2nd Nov.
- At 5pm, come to the LINE booth at Codeblue to verify you if you're top 10 players. We'll give you a t-shirt.
- We'll ask your nickname and flags that you solved at our booth.

- bruteforce 禁止
- 大会開催中、解説などの共有はご遠慮ください。
- Flagの共有も禁止です。
- 何かご不明な点などございましたらメールの方までお問い合わせいただけますようお願いいたします。(英語、日本語可能)

- 大会終了は11月2日午後5時となります。
- 上位10のチームには大会終了の後、CODEBLUEのLINEブースまでお越し頂き認証を行ってください。ティシャツを差し上げます。
- 認証の際、ニックネームとフラッグをご提示ください。

COME TO OUR BOOTH! (ぜひブースにお越しください)

- Say Hi! to LINE and GRAYHASH crew
- Free beer
- Free stickers
- Free t-shirts (only 50 t-shirts available, get hurry!)
- Also, if you're interested in working with us, please don't hesitate talking to us at LINE booth. We'll be able to communicate both English and Japanese.

- LINE/GRAYHASHの人々が待っています。
- ビールただ
- ステッカーただ
- ティシャツただ
- また、私たちとの仕事などに興味がありましたら、気軽にお声かけください。英語・日本語可能です。